Angry Birds / Kapil Sibal

Just stumbled upon a page which showed how Snooki totally looks Like an Ewok. And likewise how Joseph Stalin Totally Looks Like Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen).So, now, Look at me in the eyes and tell me the angry bird from “Angry Birds” does ‘not’ look like Kapil Sibal. The excitement in this look-alike-ness is palpable.

Angry Birds – is a  game making you fling pissed off birds at pigs in elaborate structures…and kill some pigs. It’s the game we play while taking a dump. And not finish crapping until a certain level is finished. And Kapil Sibal is UPA’s defender of the indefensible. Already stuck in the 2G scam and now the attack on the peaceful crowd in Ramlila Maidan – Kapil sibal smacks of smugness (like the birds).

Red Bird: What’s with that- OH SHI-!


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